Mexican Wolf Meeting in Alpine this Thursday


Wildlife Needs You to Speak UP!  NOW!

Arizona Game and Fish is hosting a meeting concerning the release of more wolves into Arizona.  A public meeting hosted by the AZ Game and Fish meets this Thursday, November 17 at 6:00pm at the Alpine Community Center.

At the last meeting on this issue, shortly before the Wallow Fire changed everything, few people attended.  Most of those in attendance were anti-wolf and very vocal in their opposition of any initial release or translocation.  As a result the majority of the comments recorded by the AZ Game and Fish were anti-wolf and anti-release.

Large predators such as wolves and mountain lions are critical to healthy ecosystems.  With only 50 wolves in the wild, Mexican gray wolves are one of the most endangered mammals on the planet.  We do not have enough wolves on the ground now to protect our riparian areas from overbrowsing by ungulates.  TheYellowstone story  illustrates just how important wolves are to the health of our ecosystems.

Please, if you possibly can, show up and speak up for the health of our lands and wildlife.

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