23 JUN 11 Morning update Wallow Fire

6/23/11 9:25 AM

Size: 532,086
Containment: 61%

Pre-Evacuation Alert:
A pre-evacuation alert continues in Apache County for Greens Peak, Hidden Meadows Lodge and surrounding areas.
Residents in these communities are asked to remain prepared for evacuation.

Road Closures according to Arizona Department of Transportation: http://www.azdot.gov
US 191 is closed between Alpine and north of Clifton (milepost 176-253).
SR 261 (mileposts 395-413) and SR 273 (mileposts 383-394), main roads to Big Lake & Crescent Lake are closed.

The National Weather Service on potential flooding: The Wallow Fire burned vast portions of the White Mountains including areas of steep terrain which will make numerous locations vulnerable to flash floods and debris flows even in moderate intensity (10 – 15 minutes) rains. Some area streams and rivers are likely to see flows beyond anything seen in decades if typical or above average rains occur. This summer, all residents near streams, rivers, or steep burned hillsides should be alert to flooding and debris flows. Residents should be aware that area roadways may become impassible due to mud, rock and debris slides or due to streams and washes overwhelming existing culverts and bridges.

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