Paddy and Little Creek

Recommendations for Paddy Creek and Little Creek (See our photos in our Paddy Creek Gallery and check out the survey we did of Paddy Creek for the Healthy Lands Project.)

Eliminate Forest Roads 8065 and 8066 for consideration as ORV routes.
Eliminate Forest Roads 2751 and 2751-1 for consideration as ORV routes.

Eliminating routes in both Little Creek and Paddy Creek will protect these sensitive riparian areas. Both drainages are very steep and the routes are unsustainable which will result in erosion and resource damage. Both of these drainages are the major wildlife corridors to Terry Flat and Escudilla Mountain.

Paddy Creek has been designated “Critical Habitat” for the Mexican Spotted Owl and should be closed to ORVs.

Both of these areas are part of the citizen’s wilderness proposal for the expansion of the Escudilla Wilderness Area and should not be open to ORVs. Eliminating ORV routes from both these drainages will prevent excessive sound pollution drifting up to the Escudilla Wilderness and the very popular Escudilla Trail.

Comments must meet the requirements at 36 CFR 215.6. Those who provide comments during this comment period are eligible to appeal the decision. Name and address of comments will become part of the public record.

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