Don’t open Los Burros to OHVs!

Close the ½ mile section of the proposed OHV overlap with the non-motorized Los Burros Trail.

ALL travel management options have ORVs using ½ mile section of the existing Los Burros non-motorized trail. Los Burros is hands down out “Best Trail out of the Lakeside District.”

OHV trails are marked with orange diamonds; non-motorized trails are marked with identical blue diamonds. Having both markings on same trail is saying “non-motorized”markings can be ignored!

This picture is from the Ghost of the Coyote trail. GotC trail was originally 40% single track. Today that once single track is replaced by quad track. Once a quad gets on single track, the single track is permanently gone.

Let’s not have any confusion about what is a motorized and what is a non-motorized trail! This has the potential to wipe out a 200-mile trail system that has taken 20 years and countless volunteer hours to build.

Don’t open Los Burros to OHVs!

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