What We Do…

The WMCL embraces and encourages stewardship of all components of the region’s diverse ecosystems and recognizes their value to our regional economic vitality and quality of life. The WMCL encourages citizens to actively engage in all levels of decision making on land and wildlife management to ensure the wonders of the White Mountains is a reality for us and future generations.

Wilderness and Special Designations:  We work to secure the designation of additional wilderness area and other legislative-based protections for the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest with our focus on the securing of protected habitats that ensures the health of the forest and the wildlife so many of us enjoy.

Forest Management Policy: Our board and our members are actively involved in issues critical to the protection and enhancement of our forests. We treasure the ecological systems that give so much back to us enriching our lives. We are currently involved in the Apache-Sitgreaves in three forest planning processes.

Endangered Species and Wildlife Management – We monitor Arizona Fish and Game and the U.S. Wildlife Service projects and programs that effect the native species and the wildlife we all enjoy. We alert our members to issues and recommend actions and ways to engage with officials to effect policies.  We participate in the Mexican wolf reintroduction efforts by monitoring processes and keeping members informed of critical issues and cooperate with other groups in the website mexicanwolves.org.


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