Clean Air Arizona

Huge news!!! Arizonans officially have the chance to take back our power and choose a clean energy future for our state. APS spent your money on a desperate lawsuit to deny Arizonans the right to choose more clean energy — and they just lost. It’s time to take advantage of our biggest untapped resource — the sun!

So far, APS has spent over $11 million of their own customers’ money to keep us off the ballot and put their own profits above our health. Despite APS’s dirty tactics, the Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona campaign turned in hundreds of thousands of signatures, and last week the Arizona Secretary of State certified Proposition 127 to the ballot.

First APS said we weren’t going to collect enough signatures.

Then APS said our signatures were bad.

And APS even went to court, spending their customers’ money on expensive lawyers to try and stop Arizonans from having the opportunity to have a say over our power.

It’s clear APS will say and do anything to keep Arizonans from voting on Prop 127, but with supporters like you, nothing can stop us.

Will you help us talk to your neighbors about Prop 127?

We’re organizing our first big canvass to knock on voters’ doors and talk to them about voting Yes on Prop 127!

It’s time to make the sun work for us. Please join us on Saturday, September 8th to help us let voters know that right now only 6% of our electricity comes the sun — but their votes can change that in November!

Sign up to volunteer today!

Please make sure to share the link to our Saturday, September 8 canvass with your members on social media –

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